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Activation of the constitutive androstane receptor decreases HDL in wild-type and human apoA-I transgenic mice Citations & References

  • Authors: Masson, D; Qatanani, M; Sberna, AL; Xiao, R; de Barros, JPP; Grober, J; Deckert, V; Athias, A; Gambert, P; Lagrost, L; Moore, DD; Assem, M
  • Journal: JOURNAL OF LIPID RESEARCH 2008 8:1682-1691
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Retinoic acid induces PGI synthase expression in human endothelial cells Citations & References

  • Authors: Camacho, M; Rodriguez, C; Salazar, J; Martinez-Gonzalez, J; Ribalta, J; Escudero, JR; Masana, L; Vila, L
  • Journal: JOURNAL OF LIPID RESEARCH 2008 8:1707-1714

IgD in the reptile leopard gecko Citations & References

  • Authors: Gambon-Deza, F; Espinel, CS
  • Journal: MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2008 12:3470-3476

Notch-1 regulates transcription of the epidermal growth factor receptor through p53 Citations & References

  • Authors: Purow, BW; Sundaresan, TK; Burdick, MJ; Kefas, BA; Comeau, LD; Hawkinson, MP; Su, Q; Kotliarov, Y; Lee, J; Zhang, W; Fine, HA
  • Journal: CARCINOGENESIS 2008 5:918-925
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Two mechanisms of synaptic vesicle recycling in rat brain nerve terminals. Citations & References

  • Authors: Cousin MA, Robinson PJ
  • Journal: J Neurochem (2000) 75:1645-1653
  • PubMed ID: 10987846
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RNA structure-dependent uncoupling of substrate recognition and cleavage by Escherichia coli ribonuclease III. Citations & References

  • Authors: Calin-Jageman I; Nicholson AW
  • Journal: Nucleic Acids Research 2003 9:2381-2392
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Tea catechin ingestion combined with habitual exercise suppresses the aging-associated decline in physical performance in senescence-accelerated mice Citations & References

  • Authors: Murase, T; Haramizu, S; Ota, N; Hase, T

MLPA screening in the BRCA1 gene from 1,506 German hereditary breast cancer cases: Novel deletions, frequent involvement of exon 17, and occurrence in single early-onset cases Citations & References

  • Authors: Engert, S; Wappenschmidt, B; Betz, B; Kast, K; Kutsche, M; Hellebrand, H; Goecke, TO; Kiechle, M; Niederacher, D; Schmutzler, RK; Meindl, A
  • Journal: HUMAN MUTATION 2008 7:948-958

Membrane perturbation and the mechanism of lipid-mediated transfer of DNA into cells. Citations & References

  • Authors: Mui B, Ahkong QF, Chow L, Hope MJ
  • Journal: Biochim Biophys Acta (2000) 1467:281-292
  • PubMed ID: 11030588
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Molecular characterization of putative modulatory factors in two Spanish families with A1555G deafness Citations & References

  • Authors: Otaegui, D; Irizar, H; Goicoechea, M; Perez-Tur, J; Belar, M; de Munain, AL
  • Journal: AUDIOLOGY AND NEURO-OTOLOGY 2008 5:320-327
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  • 4351103(Blocked)
  • 4330087R
  • 4351101R
  • 4351103R
  • 4363914
  • 4363915
  • 4367246

Neutrophil chemokines KC and macrophage-inflammatory protein-2 are newly synthesized by tissue macrophages using distinct TLR signaling pathways Citations & References

  • Authors: De Filippo, K; Henderson, RB; Laschinger, M; Hogg, N
  • Journal: JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2008 6:4308-4315
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Aspergillus flavus myositis in a patient after liver transplantation Citations & References

  • Authors: Li, DM; Xiu, DR; Li, RY; Samson, RA; de Hoog, GS; Wang, DL
  • Journal: CLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION 2008 4:508-511

Nutritional control of protein biosynthetic capacity by insulin via Myc in Drosophila. Citations & References

  • Authors: Teleman AA, Hietakangas V, Sayadian AC, Cohen SM
  • Journal: Cell Metab 2008; (7):1 21-32
  • PubMed ID: 18177722

Association between osteosarcoma and deleterious mutations in the RECQL4 gene in Rothmund-Thomson syndrome. Citations & References

  • Authors: Wang LL; Gannavarapu A; Kozinetz CA; Levy ML; Lewis RA; Chintagumpala MM; Ruiz-Maldanado R; Contreras-Ruiz J; Cunniff C; Erickson RP; Lev D; Rogers M; Zackai EH; Plon SE
  • Journal: Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2003 9:669-674
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Nucleotide sequences of avian cardiac and brain SR/ER Ca(2+)-ATPases and functional comparisons with fast twitch Ca(2+)-ATPase. Calcium affinities and inhibitor effects. Citations & References

  • Authors: Campbell AM; Kessler PD; Sagara Y; Inesi G; Fambrough DM
  • Journal: The Journal of Biological Chemistry 1991 5:16050-16055
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